8 Essential Repair Tools Every Truck Driver Should Carry

May 13, 2020

Truck drivers are always working on tight deadlines. That’s why they all use a good GPS system to find the best, fastest routes. But it’s not just traffic that can slow you down. Unexpected repairs and emergencies happen when you least expect them – and being properly prepared is your best defense.

We turned to a group of seasoned drivers to pull together this list of the top 8 essential tools every truck needs. 

1. Small Hand Tool Kit

An absolute must, make sure there are standard and metric wrenches and sockets in the set so you have every size covered. A good tool kit should also have an assortment of pliers and screwdrivers, a tape measure, hex keys, a hammer and a utility knife. 

2. Flashlight – Headlight

You probably do a fair amount of driving after daylight, so a good flashlight is critical for seeing inside or inspecting your truck at night. You have a lot of options to choose from including headlights, which leave both hands free. Regardless, be sure to carry plenty of extra batteries. 

3. Spare Parts

Even experienced drivers and well-tended trucks can have problems. Having spare parts such as air and fuel lines, liquid wrenches, antifreeze, bulbs, fuses and brake fluid can take care of many emergency fixes and help with the on-the-road maintenance. 

4. Emergency First Aid Kit

Drivers are always inspecting their vehicles, which can easily lead to cuts or scrapes – and, of course, accidents happen. Having a good first aid kit prepares you for the unexpected. Most come with bandages, over-the-counter medications and treatments, dressings, tools and more in a convenient storage case. 

5. Good Gloves

High-quality mechanic gloves are important for protecting your hands. They should also be visible at night so other drivers can see you easily. Most truck drivers will tell you it’s worth spending extra for good quality and buying two or three pairs so you always have a backup.

6. Tire Air Gauge

Having an air gauge onboard is vital. Be sure to buy one that goes up to at least 160psi, preferably one built from solid steel that doesn’t rely on batteries. Air gauges that need batteries are risky because a weak battery could result in inaccurate readings.  

7. Road Flares, Cones and Safety Vest

Emergencies happen and usually not at the most ideal time or place. Every trucker should have a few cones, emergency flares and safety vests. Flares will typically be kept in an emergency kit. Always be sure to check flare expiration dates.

8. Truck Repair Mobile App

Breakdowns are never ideal. You could be stuck in bad weather or exposed to traffic hazards, never mind the risk of putting you behind schedule. A good roadside assistance program with a mobile app – like the FYX App – lets you manage repairs right from your smartphone. 

Our innovative FYX platform gives you access to streamlined communications and real-time service monitoring – helping speed repairs and minimize downtime. 

For more information, please contact FYX: 800-888-1001 | sales @fyxfleet.com


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