Full Control of Your Fleet Roadside Assistance With The FYX Software

Feb 5, 2020

FYX has recently released a new version of its end-to-end roadside assistance management software. Featuring a wide array of incident management tools, this innovative technology makes it easier than ever for fleet managers to work through incidents while maintaining complete transparency from start to finish. 

The new FYX Platform puts control of a fleet breakdown incident in the hands of fleet managers by providing:

1.  All-in-one technology for road service management 

The FYX Platform is designed as an all-in-one tool to handle every aspect of the roadside assistance process.  From reporting an incident to real-time updates to invoicing, the FYX software saves critical time for fleet managers by centralizing the entire process in one platform. 

2.  360° view into all active incidents on one dashboard

The FYX Platform provides visibility into all active incidents on one dashboard. This comprehensive mapping feature provides insight into your fleets emergency needs offering increased control of your fleet and assets. 

3.  Complete transparency into each breakdown incident

Fleet managers gain access to all of the incident details as they happen in real-time. This includes repair status, duration and expected roll time for each event, as well as the the ability to chat with dispatchers anytime, keeping the communication lines open between the FYX team, fleet managers and drivers.

4. Access to your fleet’s repair history

The new FYX platform archives all previous repair incidents. This feature is crucial as it allows fleet managers to maintain a comprehensive record of all repairs. By having access to all records, companies can better manage payments, disputes and plan for estimated annual repair costs.



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