FYX Partners with Convoy to Launch TruckYeah Savings Program

As we celebrate the National Truck Driver Appreciation Week, FYX is excited to partner with Convoy to launch its TruckYeah Savings program, offering carriers in the Convoy network up to 20% savings on roadside assistance and preventative maintenance.

Motor carriers are the backbone of this country and have kept our economy moving even during these especially difficult times. On average, carriers are spending nearly $120,000 or 66% of their income per year, which goes straight to covering their business and vehicle-related costs. They are left with just 33% of that income to pay their personal bills, including mortgage, food, and childcare.

Our new FYX+Convoy TruckYeah Savings partnership extends substantial discounts to small fleets and owner-operators on best-in-class services and offerings that are typically reserved for large fleets. With 35+ years of quality service and our nationwide network of trusted roadside repair experts, carriers gain access to the high-quality services.

FYX is proud to extend fleet pricing to Convoy Carriers saving them up to 20% on commercial fleet repairs, towing and preventative maintenance services across the U.S. – no account set up required.

For more information visit, TruckYeah Savings Program.

For immediate service, please contact FYX: 866-230-6299| dispatch@fyxfleet.com


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