FYX Driver – The Ultimate Roadside Assistance Mobile App For Truck Drivers

Dec 5, 2019

Truck breakdowns are inevitable. Even perfectly maintained vehicles experience malfunctions, often in less than ideal locations, on rural highways, miles away from repair shops. When stuck on the side of the road, truck drivers must face severe weather conditions, traffic hazards and scheduling issues. 

To support the emergency breakdown, the FYX Driver mobile app offers simple and expedited roadside assistance solutions, allowing drivers to:

1. Request Road Service Right From Their Phone 24/7/365

Drivers can request roadside assistance, provide details of the incident and breakdown location using the FYX Driver mobile app without the need to call or email the dispatch team. Our FYX dispatchers are on call and available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week to provide you with emergency breakdown assistance across North America.

2. Instantly Receive Repair Quote and Mechanic’s ETA Time 

FYX Driver app will immediately match the incident with our local Preferred Partner, provide the estimated cost of repair as well as expected arrival time of the repair crew.

3. Gain Access to Highly Experienced Technicians

With FYX, drivers gain access to over 1,000 preferred partners throughout North America. Learn more about our robust network.

4. Chat with Dispatchers Anytime

The chat functionality allows drivers to maintain steady communication with the dispatch team throughout the repair process.

5. Pay for the Service with a Simple Click

FYX Driver app provides comprehensive invoicing with repair details. Users can directly submit payments via Credit Cards, PayPal, or Google Pay.




For more information on road service and fleet management, please contact FYX experts.


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