Is Your Truck Fleet Ready For The Winter Months?

Oct 21, 2019

Every year, the winter season presents major challenges to motor carriers.  The inevitable cold weather, icy roads, and heavy snowstorms create hazardous conditions that drivers must keep in mind in order to maintain safety.

Roadside failures rise at least 22% each winter due to difficult road conditions.  However, timely fleet maintenance and properly winterized trucks will help lower the risk of breakdowns. Here is a list of 7 preventative measures that will help your truck fleet prepare for the winter months:

1. Inspect Tires
Tires are arguably the most important pieces of equipment when it comes to ensuring safe driving during the winter months. The tire pressure must consistently be monitored during the winter season as pressure decreases when the temperatures drop. Additionally, motor carriers should use tires with winter treads for optimal traction on the icy and snowy roads. In severe situations, it is also best practice to use tire chains.

2. Use Synthetic Oil
During winter, it is best to switch from conventional to synthetic oil. The chemical makeup of synthetic oil allows the fluid to withstand the extreme temperature lows and will allow your vehicle’s engine to operate at a greater capacity during winter months.

3. Swap Out Your Battery
A fresh battery is the best defense against cold winter. It will have the best chance of sustaining power in cold conditions.

4. Mind the Exterior
Be sure to keep the exterior of your vehicle clean. Areas of utmost importance include the windshield, windshield wipers, and mirrors. To ensure the highest possible visibility while on the road, check the bulbs in the head and taillights and replace if they are dim.

5. Check Coolant/Antifreeze
Coolant and antifreeze are the most important chemicals in winter as they serve as the first line of defense for your engine. Be sure to constantly monitor their levels and refill if necessary.

6. Maintain Your Fuel System
Constantly check the ignition and glow plugs to be sure they are clean and operating at peak performance.

7. Prepare a Winter Driving Kit
Every truck driver should always carry an emergency kit during the winter months. Recommended items to include: flashlights, blankets, extra clothing, first aid kit, and phone charger.

8. Download FYX Driver App To Get Instant Help During Breakdowns

Even the best-prepared trucks may experience roadside failures. With the FYX Driver app, you will be able to get help, minimize your downtime and stay informed about your repair progress. FYX Driver app allows you to:

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