Meeting the Needs of Every Fleet Manager

Mar 1, 2021

Keeping trucks on the road, of course – is a fleet managers biggest worry. Breakdowns do occur and when it comes to service, there are multiple outliers for good road service. The key to a strong breakdown partnership is customization and communication. Companies and their fleet managers know what’s important to them when looking for road service. This helps FYX shape each service program as well as adopt best practices to benefit all our customers.

Here are just a few things we’ve learned about what fleet managers need.

Customized Service

Medium fleets have different needs than larger ones, which means there is no ‘one size fits all’ approach to service. That’s why fleet managers want to set the standard for their road service program. This includes establishing their preferred communication modes, service hours and dispatch contacts as well as enabling notifications if service costs are going to exceed pre-agreed limits and more. The result is that every time you call, FYX knows how you do business – and we live up to your standards every time.

A Single Point-of-Contact

Whether it’s questions about an invoice or a driver being unavailable to set up service, fleet managers need answers quickly. Having a single person to call is the only answer, the ability to access a dedicated account manager is a high priority. Weekly follow ups, customized reports and help with any immediate challenges that may arise keeps a fleet manager at ease. FYX provides a dedicated account manager to each customer to ensure that safety net.

Upfront Breakdown Transparency

Nothing is more frustrating – or disruptive to their bottom line – than waiting on a blind invoice. Fleet managers want to know what breakdowns will cost in advance so there are no surprises. Knowing what the cost before the work begins is essential to making the most efficient business decisions for their company, for the now and the future. FYX gives you on-the-spot, real-time breakdown details along with accurate upfront quotes provided by our expert service coordinators. That means you know exactly what your costs are before work begins.  

Standardized Regional Pricing

While it’s certainly true that market prices for labor and services can vary from city to city, managing those costs is stressful for fleet managers. The thought of regional fixed rates is added value and relieves a piece of an already stressful situation with a breakdown. There is no added time for negotiations or comparing costs, knowing that exact rate at that moment is crucial to saving those valuable minutes for every deadline. With a 10,000+ nationwide service provider network, FYX is able to set regional, fixed regional labor rates. FYX regulates the pricing for you and holds service providers accountable, monitoring all invoices before you see them.

Proactive… and Reactive Service 

The best way to avoid a breakdown is with regular preventative maintenance, which can help spot potential problems before putting a truck on the road. Proactive work saves money later on down the line. This helps with not only the company bottom line but also missed deadlines. Knowing your equipment needs preventative maintenance and being proactive as possible to minimize the risk of problems. Breakdowns do happen, however, even when you’re on top of your preventative maintenance. Peace of mind with a service that knows your equipment for on the spot repairs is crucial to cost and time saving. On top of comprehensive preventative maintenance, FYX offers top-quality, expedited roadside repairs at competitive prices – anytime and anywhere. Our service coordinators are available 24/7/365 to answer your call and support whatever you need.

Don’t Take Our Word For It… Here’s What Our Customers are Saying

“Working with FYX was the best thing I have done in the 19 years I’ve been running trucks. They have been great in keeping my trucks on the road.”

 “The dispatchers remember my name and my company’s preferences. I always feel like I am talking with friends who care about getting my driver back on the road.”

“From the initial call to the completion of the service, amazing.  FYX is thorough in collecting all needed information to facilitate the service and always call back to let us know both the arrival time as well as to approve the charges.  The service trucks they send are always well prepared to complete the service.”

If you do run into problems on the road – whether an overheated engine or any other issue – make sure to download the FYX Driver App for immediate access to FYX service providers. Our innovative FYX platform streamlines communications and monitors service in real time for faster repairs and minimized downtime. Get started with FYX today!

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